Services Available

Local Courier Service

LaDawn Services provides local courier service for the pick-up and delivery of your time sensitive packages. We get your shipments to their destination safely and on time. Our team of customer service agents are skilled, professional and ready to help you meet your deadlines with our speedy delivery service.

Scheduled Delivery

With LaDawn Services scheduled delivery service, our customers get daily pick-ups for their many types of repetitive deliveries. Whether its bank plans, interoffice deliveries or more, LaDawn Services is ready to be there when you need us.

Emergency/Expedited Delivery

Don’t let missing plans stop your business. Use LaDawn Services Emergency Delivery services to get your business back on track. Whether it’s with planes, trains or automobiles, LaDawn Services will get your package delivered as fast as possible and get you back to business.
  1. It is our policy to notify customers of any substantial delays before they occur, allowing them enough time to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate.
  2. Regular rates are based on a Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm work week. After-Hour, Saturday and Holiday service is available upon request and is quoted separately.